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Weight Loss Surgery Testimonials 

I would like to thank you for the perfect Gastric bypass surgery. All my stomach problems have disappeared, blood pressure has dropped, the amount of sugar in blood has become normal. I do not use any medications. After the surgery the amount of food I eat has significantly decreased and therefore, I lost much weight. I feel fantastic now. Thank you-you, professor. 


Neringa, UK

The most difficult decision I have ever made was the decision to get weight loss surgery. But it was the best decision I ever made. I researched several doctors and several surgery options before I made my final decision. Now I am in the best shape of my life. Weight loss surgery did the trick I was seeking for years. Food no longer controls me. The operation not only helped me but my family as well, now we became healthier concerning food consumption. Gastric bypass surgery gave me a better life.

Jason P., 45 years. Dublin, Ireland


Jason P., 45 years.

Dublin, Ireland

I had been overweight for many years. I finally made a decision to undergo a stomach surgery to lose weight. After doing some research online I chose prof. Antanas Mickevicius and I honestly could not be happier. The surgery was a success and post-surgery treatment was superb. I’ll forever thank the professor and his brilliant team for their outstanding, sincere and very professional work. I underwent the surgery mid-December 2017 and just three weeks later I’ve already lost 8 kg. I feel great!


Vita, Iceland

Gastric Sleeve surgery: I chose Bariatric service after doing some research about having it done it the UK but the costs were very high and it would have meant taking finance out so started looking elsewhere. Having come across the Bariatric service website I started to do a lot of research around the surgeon and was pleased and reassured to find he also works in the UK for the NHS. I also verified his credentials on the General Medical Councils website with a positive return. I am now almost a week post op and the process has been very smooth and well organised. I am in excellent health and recovering really well (back at work after today after 6 days). Antanas Mickevičius is a very nice chap, personable, very knowledgeable and seems to have a done a cracking job with my sleeve.

The clinic used was just superb and I have absolutely no complaints at all. Bariatric service organised for my transfer from the airport to the hospital where a lady met me and took me around all the departments for my preoperative tests, blood tests, ECG, endoscopy, and endocrinology appointment. I was checked in my hotel 2.5 hours later. On the day a taxi took me to the hospital and again very smooth process. The day following I had a really good chat with the dietician who gave me all the instructions I needed going forward. The nurses are just brilliant very attentive and friendly and are the push of a button away. If only the NHS could operate like this!. I would thoroughly recommend using Bariatric Service and I know I made the right choice.


Scott, UK

Before the surgery, my weight was 280 lbs, and I was only 20 years old. The July 25th, 2013 is my second birthday, when I had gastric bypass surgery. Since then I lost 135 pounds. I feel that I have gained my life back. The only regret is that I haven't done this sooner. I can never thank enough Dr and his team for doing an incredible job and giving me a new life.

Tim J., 21 years. Nottingham, UK.


Tim J., 21 years

Nottingham, UK

The weight loss surgery has completely changed my life. I feel much better now by going out and having a good time with my family and friends. I fell that I play with my grandkids without being tired all the time. I have a much better sleep, and I don't feel tired in the morning.

Doctor and his team gave me a second chance in life. I have much more energy and feel much better than before. My general health improved as well, and I don't need to take the blood pressure medicine any longer. I feel that I have total control over my life. Thank you, and your team!

Henriette R., 62 years. Copenhagen, Denmark.


Henriette R., 62 years

Copenhagen, Denmark

 "I never thought I would go through bariatric surgery. All my life I’ve been on diets, pills etc. On May 2017 I had my laparoscopic sleeve resection on my stomach. Thank You Prof. Antanas Mickevicius for your hard work, listening and answering to my medical concerns fully. I was treated with respect and it was the knowledge and trust Prof. Mickevicius inspired that made me feel secure and in the best hands. I would highly recommend Prof Mickevicius and his medical team!

Excellent hospital and first class service from beginning to end. The facilities are very nice, modern and clean, meeting all the high standards.
The staff goes above and beyond to make your stay comfortable.


Regina, UK

To have weight loss surgery was one of the biggest and most significant decisions I have ever had to make. Now, after more than 100 pounds of weight loss, I have never felt better! Thank you so much for my transformation.

Jim K., 35 years. Waterford, Ireland.


Jim K., 35 years

Waterford, Ireland

As I struggled with losing weight for many years I have finally made a decision to go for a Gastric Bypass surgery. After a long research about the hospitals and surgeons available in Lithuania, I’ve chosen with great confidence Antanas Mickevicius and have never regretted my decision. Surgery went smoothly without any complications. Professor Antanas Mickevicius was very caring and informative. Aftercare was excellent. The nursing team was very professional and compassionate and they made me feel like I am at home. I will be forever grateful to Antanas Mickevicius and his amazing team for their excellent professionalism.

If the clinic was a hotel I would have given it a 5 star mark and beyond. It’s really Hi Tech and immaculately clean. The staff is very welcoming and assisted me in every step of the way pre op and after. The lady at the reception was even walking with me to every door where pre op tests had to be done. My post surgery room was en-suite with modern facilities and even brand new slippers and robe were supplied on my day of arrival. All the staff starting from reception to pre and post op care were simply amazing!


Agne, Ireland

Before weight loss surgery I had borderline diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and knee and hip pain. Once I realized that I was in danger of losing my quality of life, I decided to have surgery in December 2009. I think surgery saved my life – my high blood pressure is gone, and my blood sugar and cholesterol numbers are normal. Now, I do not live to eat; I eat to live. I can be around longer and live a healthier life for my grandchildren and my family. I thank surgeon and his staff for giving me my life back.

Leeysa J., 55 years. Chatham, UK.


Leeysa J., 55 years

Chatham, UK

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