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Hi BW Medica!


I could not leave a review in google for some reason.  I also can’t leave a review in facebook as I would like to keep it private.  Anyways, I managed to get these questions from your website and I thought I will just email this to you.  Hope this helps.


What was preventing you from making a surgery in your home country (UK)?
I had previous surgery done abroad and I wished I had found BW Medica sooner.  They are way cheaper than the previous clinic I went to.  Pricing here in Ireland will cost you an arm and a leg, so not really an option for me.


How did you find out about B&W Medica?
I found B&W Medica online.  I googled it.   I liked that you had an approximated price list, I say approximated because I understand it all depends on each individual’s situation. I also liked the photos of the surgeons and how clean and professional the clinic looked. 


What were your biggest fears before you decided to use our services?
It’s actually fear of the unknown as I’ve never been to Lithuania.  I feared that the clinic may not be a legit company,  and that surgical procedures would be “low quality”.  However, after having professional, very quick and polite communications via email, I felt reassured.  After 2 days of exchanging emails, I had booked an appointment!


How do you feel about B&W Medica after using our service?
BW Medica is tied up to different clinics and surgeons and not just one.  They were able to accomodate me on the dates that suited me.  Communication is superb! Everything I needed was looked into.  Before I flew back to Ireland, my dressings were changed as per my request and BW Medica was very accomodating.  I am very pleased with the results of my surgery, and the stitches are very clean!   


What did you like most about our services?
The service from day 1 is great!  I appreciate that I was offered to be collected to and from the airport/hotel/clinic but I opted to have a rented car as my husband was with me and we planned to tour around Kaunas after my surgery, and we did.  On the day of my surgery, I sent my husband back to the hotel to sleep for a bit, he was supposed to collect me after my surgery.. And afterwards, I was offered to be brought to the hotel so my husband can relax.  I appreciate that.  


Knowing what you know now, would you use B&W Medica services again? Would you recommend us to your family, friends, or other people?
I would definitely use BW Medica again, next time I will be getting veneers :) 

I would highly recommend BW Medica to anyone!


How can we improve or what we can do better than we are doing now?

I had two minor issues.


On my initial consultation, the surgeon and I agreed on the price for the surgery and the general anesthesics I was supposed to get.  After I paid in full and consent signed, minutes prior to my surgery, the surgeon told me that I don’t need a general anesthesia and that sedation is fine.  I am a theather nurse and I know that sedation is cheaper than general anesthetics, since I was already paid in full, I didn’t say anything because I just want to get it over and done with.  In my head, it’s still cheaper than other clinics.  Maybe improvements regarding accurate informations   regarding pricing before consent is signed.  Regardless of which, I am still very pleased with my results :) 


The same time, the surgeon’s secretary offered me menu options for when I wake up before I go back to my hotel, she must have forgotten about it or because I didn’t stay for the night. Either way, when I woke up I was guided back to my hotel and had my meal there.  No big deal really.  Improvements might be considered as well for staff to be careful next time regarding this issue.  


Also, you might receive more reviews if you have an anonymous voting/review system because not everyone including myself would be comfortable doing a public review revealing names and stuff. 


Superb service all in all! 


Thank you very much for all the help and superb service!


I hope this helps in some way.  Wishing you success! 

Kind regards,

Mrs. Valencia

Mrs. Valencia

Sligo, Ireland

I didn't do the tummy tuck surgery in my country because, in England such surgeries are conducted in private establishment and costs twice as much. I found Beauty & Wellness Medica (B&W Medica) through the internet, I read about conditions and it matched my needs.

My biggest concern was that I wasn't sure what to expect and had the initial fear before the operation. But after the operation in Lithuania I feel highly about B&W Medica, especially the quality of the doctors. The nurses made it difficult to communicate with them because they poorly explained what was happening after the operation. Anyway, I thought highly about the work of the managers. I would use your services again and I would recommend B&W Medica to my friends. My only suggestion would be to recommend full board hotels for after the operation. 

Mrs Zoe, Exeter UK

Mrs Zoe

Exeter, UK

I recently went to one of there clinics. it took a 2 night stay  at there beautiful spotless clean clinic with a nurse beside me every step of the way. when I arrived in was picked up by the kindest man and brought me to my hotel. next morning he picked me up to go for my consultation. they organised everything for me. I really can't say enough about his place...iv was even brought brought back to the airport when it was time. the care I received was second to none....iv never seen care like  it in ireland  for half the price the price you will pay in ireland. They done a fantastic job. I couldn't be happier. pm me for more details if you like....or these guys are more than willing to help just send them an email ..that's how my  journey started was  an email.

Paula O'Brien 30/01/2018


Paula O'Brien


Hello everybody. Thank you so much for the wonderful job with my boobs, they look terrific! And OMG, the nurses and everyone is so sweet! I haven’t had such good treatment in my whole life! So thank you so much! You are all the best! I’m gonna miss you guys! Wish I could give you all a hug :D

Kisses and love from Claudia



Email from Mrs Sawyers, London, UK


“Hi again,


Thank you for your questionnaire and here are my responses.


What was preventing you from making a surgery in your home country (UK)?

I found that it was too expensive in the uk to fund the surgery so I looked into having it done abroad. 

How did you find out about B&W Medica?

I found B&W Medica on a google search. 

The thing that attracted me the most was that you had a price list. I also liked the photos of the surgeons and how clean and professional the clinic looked. 


What were your biggest fears before you decided to use our services?

I was concerned that there was no clinic address on the website which leads me onto your next question, I feared that the clinic may not be legitimate and may not be a reputable company, However, after having very professional, prompt and polite communications via email I felt reassured. 

I just went for it as I could not afford to do it here and thought it was worth the risk as I have been suffering with great discomfort for many years. 


How do you feel about B&W Medica after using our service?

After visiting your company I am blown away with your professionalism, from our wonderful driver to the surgeon to the ladies who fed and cared for me throughout the night. It was a fantastic experience. 


What did you like most about our services?

The food was outstanding.

The cleanliness was outstanding.

The service from beginning to end has been consistently at the highest level.

I was very impressed that we were driven back to the airport after the surgery! Most companies are not interested in you after they have received payment so this was very commendable.


Knowing what you know now, would you use B&W Medica services again? Would you recommend us to your family, friends, or other people?

I would highly recommend your services and definitely use again myself.


How can we improve or what we can do better than we are doing now?

Improvements would be regarding updates on what the plans are the day of surgery and the following night at the clinic.  An explanation of what time the surgery will be, what time dinner will be, breakfast and also what time to expect to see the doctor the following day and an idea of when to expect to go home. A very small thing but something I found would have eased my anxiety.

Also having the driver open the car door for the lady and help with bags would make a good impression too.

I would recommend advertising your company in ladies magazines, posters, leaflets, internet and stating the price is very important in my opinion regarding uk customers anyway.

Having your company win any awards can help their credibility too. 

I feel many including myself don't feel comfortable writing a review on facebook etc because it is very private and family and friends can see, I feel if you were able to make an anonymous vote or star system which just counted numbers and did not state names of customers/users you may receive more reviews/proof of customers/support etc.

I really do hope that helps in some way.

I want to thank you very much for everything.

I will always try to help your success where possible.


Kind regards,


Mrs Sawyers”


Mrs Sawyers

London, UK

Thank you so much for chaniging my life for the better. Brillian staff and service. I can’t fault anything. Happy customer from Irenland.




I was struggling after my first pregnancy with mommy tummy and my breast have completely lost their shape after a year of nursing. I dreamed to do tummy tuck reduction and breast augmentation since then, and only after 9 years I have finally made it. I had trouble to save around 7-8 thousand euro for both operations + extra charges. Credit was not an option, because of the high interest rates for a small credit like that. So lack of money was the major reason. I have also heard and seen some bad results, thats why I had some doubts too if I really want a scar all over my tummy or underneath my breast, what if I would be not satisfied with the results of operation and there would be no way back? After I’ve gave birth to my second child I decided that I will go for it no matter what and I did. I’ve started to google for doctors, prices and of course personal experience of my friends and photos from different resources to get more idea of what I really want and how it should look like. Finally I came across a post in the internet where I found out about BW Medica, asked in the local forum if anyone ever heard about them and luckily one of the girls responded, she did breast augmentation and tummy tuck reduction, right what I needed. After chatting with her I’ve asked one of my Lithuanian friends and it turned out that a lot of people knew about it. I realised that was right what I needed. I’ve contacted BW Medica, explained my situation and that I live in another country too. I’ve sent request in February together with photos and we schedule operation in April 2017. There were no need for remote consultation, although they’ve asked me if I wanted one. Tickets to Lithuania were amazingly cheap as well as accommodation. I came 1 day in advance, met my doctor. We have planned my operation, he showed me what I should be prepared for, pictures of good and bad results, we discussed size of the breast and type of implant. I was totally relaxed and trusted doctor to choose type of implant and size of it and he suggested right away that incision would be made via periareolar. Also, doctor offered me liposuction around the waist and remove all big moles in my back. After consultation my price was 800 EUR extra because of breast lift was needed, which wasn’t obvious on my photos I’ve sent. Liposuction and moles were within the price without extra charges, small happy momentsJ After meeting with doctor a nurse took all necessary blood tests and I’ve signed the contract and paid the bill. Needless to say both operations cost me as if I would do only one in Denmark. I was really scared and thought that after operation I would suffer from pain, surprisingly I woke up and couldn’t believe that my dream had finally came true and I didn’t feel expected pain. Although first days were difficult to sleep only on the back, specially if you were not used to it and back was hurting because of the liposuction and it was impossible to walk straight at all. After couple of days after operation I came back for botox injections and day after for hot laser peals and haircut right behind the corned of the same building. Clinic was pretty big with a variety of different procedures. I was not made clear that after both operations I had to stay for recommended period of 1 week in Lithuania, so I had to change my tickets and stay longer. With only breast augmentation it is easier because basically after a day in the hospital you are free to go home. Luckily I had no problems and flew home and on the 8th day after operations I was able to go to work. Food in the clinic was delivered from the nearest restaurant where you have a possibility to pick up desired food from the menu. But delivery took longer than expected, I was hungry, but was offered tea, sweets while waiting. All personal there is very welcoming and lovely. I would definitely recommend BW Medica. I am more than happy with my new body, finally I can wear whatever I like to wear without thinking that my tummy is too big or dress is too tight.


Copenhagen, Denmark

 Hello to everyone, so here it's me Jessica Asha Silva back to the clinic again for lipo and as my first experience, super content of the treatment and staffs. Love them all. Very caring nice staffs, always helpful. Highly recommend it.

Love Jessica.  

Jessica Asha Silva


To all doctors, nurses and stuff at the clinic we would like to express our deepest thatnks & regards for the excellente job you all provided to us. Looking forwar to see you again in Denmark. We will foresure recommend the clinic to all our friends and known associates. Hightly recommended to all!


Jeanett & Carsten

Copenhagen, Denmark

Hey, Thank you very much for your wonderful service. The Surgeon was fantastic, all stuff was wonderful. I enjoyed all the services I received, apart from pain – which was obviously managed well. Could not ask for more from you guys – You are all wonderful. Thank you very much for everything. 

Zubeda Nungu

London, UK

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