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Top Ten Myths About Having Cosmetic Surgery in Lithuania Busted

Top Ten Myths About Having Cosmetic Surgery in Lithuania Busted

You have such a wide choice of places to have your cosmetic surgery, that you should ask a stack of questions about your final decision. If you have been researching online, then you will already know that Lithuania is an amazing option for your cosmetic surgery. But do you know any more about cosmetic surgery in Lithuania?

There are a lot of rumours out there and we know it can be difficult to make a decision based on hearsay and conjecture. With that in mind, here are the top ten myths about having cosmetic surgery in Lithuania busted –

1 – It Is Cheap

The absolute number one myth about having cosmetic surgery in Lithuania is that it is cheap. The word cheap conjures up many images and none of them is great. While it is true that cosmetic surgery in Lithuania is incredibly good value for money, cheap just isn’t the word we would want to be associated with our service.

The surgery is high quality and low cost – never call it cheap.

Cosmetic Surgery in Lithuania

2 – The Clinics Don’t Have a Good Grasp of English

If you have chosen a procedure, then you are bound to have questions about this both before and after the surgery. Having someone to talk to in your mother tongue is vitally important at this time. The surgeons in Lithuania have excellent English – as do the rest of the medical team. Get in touch with us to find out more.

3 – The Cleanliness Standards Just Aren’t the Same as in the UK and Ireland

Here is another one of the top ten myths about having cosmetic surgery in Lithuania busted! The clinics in Lithuania benefit from one main fact –

As a member, they operate to EU standards. This means you get the same standards of cleanliness laid down in law across the rest of the EU and the UK as well.

Cosmetic Surgery in Lithuania

4 – There is a Greater Chance of Something Going Wrong

It stands to reason, doesn’t it? A place where the cost of surgery is greatly reduced will also see a lowering of clinical excellence? Well, you couldn’t be farther from the truth! At B&W Medica we have an error rate of lower than 1% - with the world average sitting around the 7% mark, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

5 – The Surgery May Be Great Value, But the Travel Costs Aren’t

This is one of the sticks thrown at the cosmetic surgery industry in Lithuania time and time again. We are here to tell you that this myth about cosmetic surgery in Lithuania can be well and truly busted straight away.

There is plenty of choice for flights to Lithuania with airlines from the big names to the budget airlines. Travel needn’t cost an arm and a leg – we’ll even pick you up from the airport. How’s that for service?

6 – The Surgeons Are Not Properly Trained

Yes, another myth that we can put straight to bed! The surgeons in Lithuania are trained to EU standards and offer excellent care. At B&W Medica, we have a team of trained professionals and back this up with over 10 years’ experience – that’s why women are flocking to Lithuania for cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery in Lithuania

7 – The Aftercare Isn’t There

Another myth that really needs to be busted right away! The standards of care and surgery are high in Lithuania – so it follows that the aftercare will be just as high. There are rumours that people are just left to their own devices after surgery – this simply isn’t the case.

The standards of all care we offer in Lithuania after the surgery again follow EU guidelines, so you know you are in safe hands.

8 – You Won’t Get Help Back Home

The fact is that the NHS will always be here in the United Kingdom to help you. Whether this is for some pain relief or something a little stronger, the National Health Service is free to all at the point of delivery. Your GP will be informed of your surgery and will be there on hand if you need a little support.

9 – It Is a Holiday

Although you are visiting another part of the world and can take in some of the wonderful sights of Lithuania while you are here – this isn’t a holiday. Elective surgery is a major undertaking and you should think carefully about what you are doing. Spending a few days beforehand seeing part of this beautiful nation is a great idea. And it can also help with your recovery, but don’t think of this as a vacation.

10 – It’s Just for Minor Surgery

There is a myth out there that heading to Lithuania for cosmetic surgery should only be considered for minor surgeries. Again, this isn’t the case. There are some massive cost savings to be made for all cosmetic surgery in Lithuania, especially –

And many more. Now you have those myths well and truly busted, drop us a line to talk more about how we can help you.

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