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Which Countries Are Popular for Cosmetic Surgery Abroad?

Which Countries Are Popular for Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

Having cosmetic surgery in another country is becoming more and more popular all the time. Even celebrities are doing it. As people see long waiting lists and strict criteria on the National Health Service and excessive costs privately in the UK and Ireland, it is easy to see why cosmetic surgery abroad is an attractive option. With this in kind, you will want to know all the choices when looking into cosmetic surgery abroad.

Don’t take any chances and jump straight into a cosmetic surgery procedure abroad until you have all the facts. There are a plethora of choices so do your homework. The best place to start is our guide to which countries are popular for cosmetic surgery abroad –


Outsourcing to India has become big business over the last decade or so. Tim Ferriss extolled the virtues of outsourcing much of your life to India in 4-hour work week, but does this also apply to cosmetic surgery?

With a high standard of medical care, doctors graduating from university in India by the tens of thousands, it could be a good option to head to India and save a stack of cash. One of the major reasons that might hold you back is the distances travelled. India is a long way from home and you might not know a great deal about their standards of care.

India is a long way from home and you might not know a great deal about their standards of care


You might have heard a few good things about cosmetic surgery in Turkey, such as –

  • Large cost savings

  • High standards of clinical excellence

  • A country striving to join the EU

Taking all of this into account, you might think that Turkey is a great option. This is a country that specialises in eye and dental surgery, so there is definitely a decision to be made of you are looking at one of these surgeries. In terms of cosmetic surgery, the nation still hasn’t joined the EU, and as such doesn’t have the same regulations that keep EU travellers safe. Maybe one for the future


When looking at which countries are popular for cosmetic surgery abroad, you may not have thought of Lithuania. But this Baltic state has everything you need for a successful procedure. The doctors are highly trained and follow EU regulations, so you know you are in safe hands.

But did you know the number one reason to choose Lithuania for your cosmetic surgery? It is the cost. When thinking about which countries are popular for cosmetic surgery abroad, look no further than Lithuania. The costs are very low compared to the UK and Ireland – and the best value for money of any country on our list. Drop us a line to find out why so many of our clients feel on top of the world after visiting us.

Cosmetic Surgery in Lithuania is Getting More and More Popular


This island nation regularly sits near the top of the best quality of life surveys and this makes it a popular country for cosmetic surgery – but does this mean it should be at the top of your list? With anywhere that boasts a top-notch healthcare system, there is a high cost to pay for this care.

Singapore has become a hub for medical treatment and it rightly has a great reputation for cancer care among other specialities. But if you are looking to go out of the UK or Ireland for cosmetic surgery, then I’m sure one of the reasons for this will be to save some money. Although the procedures are high quality, the costs can be a prohibitive factor when deciding on Singapore as a destination.

Medical Treatment in Singapore Cost a Lot

Czech Republic

As the EU harmonise healthcare regulations, the nations that have a lower cost of living have been able to thrive in terms of medical tourism. One of the main beneficiaries of this trend has been the Czech Republic. It is close to the UK and Ireland, benefits from EU clinical standards and Prague has long been a magnet for health tourist visitors.

Add to this the fact that costs can be as much as half that you would expect to pay in the UK or Ireland and you can see why people are hopping on a flight to the Czech Republic for their cosmetic surgery. But if you really want to save cash while having the security of a surgeon from an EU country doing your surgery then Lithuania is always going to be your first choice.

There are some great benefits to be had from getting your cosmetic surgery carried out abroad. We have listed some of the options available and hope that this has been helpful as you look to research and make a decision.

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