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Seven Ways to Be Calm Before Cosmetic Surgery

Calm before cosmetic surgery

Surgery of any kind can be a kind of scary thing. If you are considering cosmetic surgery then you might have second thoughts when the image of ‘going under the knife,’ enters your head. But it is not nearly as intimidating as your worst fears will tell you. There are some simple and effective ways of managing your stress levels and staying calm before surgery – let’s take a look at the top seven ways to be calm before cosmetic surgery –

1 – Gain an Understanding of Your Procedure One of the main things we fear is the unknown. If you don’t know what you are letting yourself in for when you are bound to feel at least a little anxious about it. We all want to be able to control situations, but cosmetic surgery is obviously not something you can do to yourself! With this in mind, speak to our English-speaking team and we will help you manage your fears in this aspect.

2 – Breathing Is Crucial We know that we all need to breathe to stay alive, but the next step is using controlled breathing techniques to stay on top of any nerves. If you can breathe in a steady and calm manner, then the rest of your body will start to feel the same too. It is your mind that dictates how anxious you feel. Give is a calm and steady supply of oxygen and look at the next of our seven ways to be calm before cosmetic surgery too.

3 – Meditation Is Proven to Reduce Stress To go alongside your breathing, you should think about meditation. Some time before your cosmetic surgery look for a guided meditation – the ones on YouTube are a pretty good place to start. Once you have a grasp of this it will really help you with relaxing before your cosmetic surgery procedure. Being able to get your head in the right place is a key part of being calm before cosmetic surgery. We highly recommend it.

Calm before cosmetic surgery

4 – Take Something to Distract You All of these techniques are well and good, but every now and again the doubts might enter your head. The more you ask questions, the more you become nervous. This is where something to distract you is all-important. Now this is a case of whatever takes your fancy, it might be –

  • A book of Sudoku puzzles

  • The latest blockbuster novel or two on your Kindle

  • A set of crosswords that will get your mind going

  • Movies and a portable DVD player (or use your laptop and Netflix for this)

If you have something that you enjoy distracting you, then you stand a much better chance of staying as calm as possible while you are waiting for your cosmetic surgery.

5 – Stay as Busy as Possible Linked to the above, you shouldn’t put yourself in a position where you and your thoughts are alone for hours on end without anything to attract your focus. We all have doubts from time to time and these are OK. But whet you don’t want is for these doubts to take over. While you are in Lithuania, there is so much to do and see. This means that you can occupy your mind and stay as busy as possible – this is one of the top tips in our list of the seven ways to be calm before cosmetic surgery today.

6 – Talk It Out Simply talking to someone can relieve the stress associated with many of our fears. If you are unsure about something, then the conversation you can have with someone will often lift these fears and put you on the road to a better mental state. This can be –

  • Friends or family

  • Someone from the clinic itself

  • A counsellor or other stranger where you can explore the way you feel

There is a simple technique for looking at things with a positive mindset and you should ask yourself three key questions –

  1. What is great about this situation?

  2. What could be better about it?

  3. How can you make that happen?

Talk these over with someone you trust, and you will feel much less stressed about the situation and be calm before cosmetic surgery.

7 – Listen to the Advice Our final tip in the seven ways to be calm before cosmetic surgery is to listen to all the surgeon has to tell you. Pre-operative and post-operative advice come in many forms and all of it is designed to do one thing – make your surgery as successful as possible. Seeing as one of the main fears of surgery is the fear of something going wrong, it will help your state of mind to listen to what you are being advised and follow the instructions given. Thanks for tuning in and we hope that this has been an invaluable guide on how to be calm before cosmetic surgery.

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