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What do you need to know about plastic surgery abroad?

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Plastic surgery consultation

Usually, we get the request from the people who want to change something in their body and are ready to take the action. In our web-page you can find the list of the most common surgeries we have to offer. Depending on an operation we have to find out if the person is suitable for a surgery. Sometimes, people have an overweight, and we are solving this in one of the two ways, or both of them one after another. The one way is to use our nutrition specialist Artūras Sujeta, who will prepare a meal plan together with daily activity program based on your current condition and the goal you want to reach. We have "extreme" plans for those who want to lose weight fast, but we always recommend the safest way which puts less stress on your body - losing weight gradually.

The other option to cope with obesity is gastric surgery. Our highly valuable, and worldwide know specialist, Dr. Antanas Mickevicius performs few types of gastric surgery:

• Adjustable gastric banding;

• Vertical sleeve gastrectomy;

• Combined gastric bypass surgery;

• Gastric plication;

• Gastric Balloon.

Gastric surgery specialist

When patients are getting ready for a surgery one of our surgeons makes an evaluation and gives an advice of what can be done, or what should not be done in your case. As our clinic located in Kaunas, Lithuania, we are offering our customers online consultations to start with. That’s an easy and convenient way because you can get answers to all of your questions from wherever you are. When everything is discussed during the consultation it is your choice when you will do the surgery with us, and if you do any at all. When you decide to do it we find the date suitable for you. The day before the operation you will arrive in our clinic for face-to-face consultation and necessary tests before the operation. Depending on the operation you will have to spend 1-3 days in our clinic, and 3-7 days after the operation you will have to stay in Lithuania. By doing this we will make sure that your healing process goes as it should and without any complications. Each case is individual, and the healing process may vary from person to person. You will find out more about this during the consultation.

So the first step would be to contact us by filling in our online request form here. Then we will get in touch with you by phone or email. The second step, after we know your needs and get some of your photos (if necessary), is to book an online consultation. Before the consultation, you have to prepare the list of questions you would like to ask so you will get all of the answers. For those who are not comfortable with online consultation, we will help as much as we can via email or by simply calling you. The third step is to book the operation date and prepare yourself for traveling. After you arrive we will meet you at the airport and drive you to the clinic where you will have a consultation and the operation next day.

It happens that people are a little bit nervous before the operation, but you will be in hands of real professionals and there is no need to be worry. After the consultation, the feeling of nervousness will melt away. Usually, the operation takes place next day after the consultation. You arrive in the clinic one hour before the operation to get ready.

Plastic surgery operation

Depending on the operation, it takes 1-6 hours, and you will stay in the clinic 1-3 days after. Before you free to go we book a time of your next visit, so we make sure that your healing process goes without any complications. Although our patients can see a final result yet, most of them feel good about their body soon after the operation. So if you feel that the plastic surgery can help you feel great again, then there is no reason to wait. You can make your first step today!

P.S. Upon arrival and until you leave Lithuania you will have your personal assistant who will be helping you along the way.

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