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Mommy Makeover

After having a baby, the way your body looks changes dramatically. In the first few months, this isn’t a problem. You have the joys of motherhood to look forward to. But after time, you want to look the way that YOU want to look. You want to feel sexy and desired by your partner. It doesn’t quite feel like that will ever happen again. There are certain parts of your body that you don’t always feel like they have withstood the rigours of pregnancy well, particularly –

  • The way your breasts look and feel

  • Your stomach after carrying your baby

Some people just settle for it being this way for the rest of their life. These people might worry that they are less attractive to the opposite sex or that they just don’t have those choices any more. But this isn’t the case – there is a choice if you want one.
B&W Medica have been helping mums to regain their shape and retake ownership of their body. After the children have been born, it is your time again to have that body you want. No more hang-ups, no more anxieties, no more worries. There isn’t any way that you have to just accept things for the way they are in any aspect of your life. There are always choices.

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What You Need To Know About Mommy Makeover


What Is a Mommy Makeover?
Great question. It’s a phrase borrowed from the United States, but it means a great deal more when explained. It includes –

  • A tummy tuck to get your tummy back the way you want it

  • Breast lift to get them where you want them to be

  • A breast enlargement because you’re worth it

All of these together will get your body where you want it. A mum needs to feel as though she is the most beautiful thing in the world inside and out. The mommy makeover is the ideal way to give you the opportunity to decide what your body looks like – not the kids!
Whatever your ideas about the way you look and feel about yourself, the team here at B&W Medica are on hand to help. We have decades of experience in helping mums decide what they want from their body after having children. We start with a discussion before doing anything else. Our English-speaking team are here to answer any questions you have. We want you to have the best experience possible, so just drop us a line
 and we will help you to make the most of your body now.
Don’t think that you have to accept the hand that nature deals you. We can help you make the rest of your life one where you feel like a sexy mum every day!

What should be know after tummy tuck surgery?

  • The first 2 postoperative days are usually spent in the clinic;

  • Dry bandages should be applied on the incisions every 2–3 days;

  • It is allowed to take a shower after 4 days;

  • The stitches are removed after 2 weeks;

  • Most patients resume their daily routines within 2 weeks;

  • Strenuous physical activities and sports are recommended not earlier than 3 months after the surgery;

  • A special compression garment should be worn for 6 weeks after the surgery (22–23 hours per day);

  • The final outcome is seen after 4 months when the swelling subsides completely;

  • The postoperative scars should be protected from direct sunlight for the period not shorter than 1 year to make them less noticeable. The scars usually fade within 2 years.


What should be known after breast enlargement?

  • The swelling in the breasts remains for 2–3 weeks;

  • Bandages over the surgical sites should be changed every 2–3 days;

  • The stitches are removed on the 8th–12th day after the surgery;

  • During the first weeks after the surgery, the patient is not allowed raising her arms above her head, as it can cause repositioning of the implants from their location;

  • A special surgical bra should be worn for 6 weeks after surgery (22–23 hours per day);

  • Strenuous physical activities and exercising are strongly discouraged for 2–3 months after the surgery;

  • The patient can return to work within a few days if her occupation does not require strenuous movements and arm rising.


What should be known after breast lift?

  • To ensure proper wound healing, the patient should avoid heavy lifting above the shoulder level for 3 weeks after the surgery;

  • A special support bra should be worn for 4 weeks after the surgery (24 hours per day);

  • The patient should avoid strenuous physical activities and sports for 2 months;

  • The postoperative scars should be protected from direct sunlight for a period of no less than 6 months to make them less noticeable;

  • If during the same surgery the breasts were enlarged by silicone gel-filled implants, the patient should follow postoperative care instructions set for this surgery.

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How Much a Mommy Makeover Cost?



Mommy Makeover

(tummy tuck and breast surgery)

from € 5,200

Tummy Tuck 

from € 2,000

Tummy Tuck After Obesity


from € 3,000

*prices might vary depending on individual factors


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  • On-arrival surgical consultation;

  • A blood test before the operation;

  • Expert level surgeon to deliver your desired result;

  • Surgery with anaesthesia using modern equipment;

  • Special accessories after operation (e.g. corset, bra, etc.);

  • 2 days in our private clinic;

  • Meals of your choice from the restaurant (while at our clinic);

  • Soft and warm drinks - juice, tea, coffee, etc. (while at our clinic);

  • 24/7 medical support until the healing process fully complete;

  • Medication to take home (essential set);

  • Aftercare – follow-ups, GP assistance, consultations. 

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