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Procedures: Breast augmentation, breast lift, and tummy tuck.

Doctor: Kęstutis Maslauskas

I was struggling after my first pregnancy with mommy tummy and my breasts had completely lost their shape after a year of nursing. I dreamed to do tummy tuck reduction and breast augmentation since then, and only after 9 years I have finally made it. I had trouble to save around €7-8.000 for both operations and extra charges. Credit was not an option, because of the high interest rates for a small loan like that. So lack of money was the major reason of procrastination. I had also heard and seen some bad results, that’s why I had some doubts too if I really wanted a scar all over my tummy or underneath my breast. I thought what if I would be not satisfied with the results of operation and there would be no way back?

After giving birth to my second child I decided that I will go for it no matter what, and I did. I started to google for doctors, prices and of course personal experience of my friends and photos from different resources to get more ideas of what I really wanted and how it should look like. Finally I came across a post in the internet where I found out about B&W Tourism, asked in the local forum if anyone ever heard about them and luckily one of the women responded, she did breast augmentation and tummy tuck reduction, right what I needed. After chatting with her I asked one of my Lithuanian friends and it turned out that few more people knew about it. I realised that was exactly what I needed.

I contacted B&W Tourism, explained my situation and that I also live in another country (Denmark). I sent request in February together with photos and we scheduled the operation in April 2017. There was no need for remote consultation, although they’ve asked me if I wanted one. Tickets to Lithuania were amazingly cheap as well as accommodation.

I came 1 day in advance to meet my doctor. We planned my operation, he showed me what I should be prepared for, pictures of good and bad results, we discussed size of the breast and type of implant. I was totally relaxed and trusted the doctor to choose type of implant and size of it, and he suggested right away that incision should be made around the areola of the nipple (called periareolar). Also, the doctor offered me liposuction around the waist and removal of all big moles in my back. After consultation my price was 800 EUR extra because the breast lift was needed, which wasn’t obvious on my photos I’ve sent. One thing I didn’t realise was that the tummy tuck and liposuction meant I needed to stay for 1 week to recover in Lithuania, so I had to change my tickets and stay longer. However, liposuction and moles were within the price of tummy tuck without extra charges, small happy moments :)

After meeting with the doctor, a nurse took all necessary blood tests and I signed the contract and paid the bill. Needless to say both operations together cost me the same as if I would do only one in Denmark (2 for the price of 1!!!). I was really scared and thought that after operation I would suffer from pain, but surprisingly I woke up and couldn’t believe that my dream had finally came true and I didn’t feel expected pain.

Although first days were difficult to sleep only on the back, especially because I was not used to it and my back was hurting because of the liposuction and it was impossible to walk straight. But nurses were very good and took care if I have any problem, including to give massage for blood circulation and check if I feel OK. They would also give me painkillers if I felt too much pain. A couple of days after operation I came back to the clinic for botulinum injections, and day after for hot laser peels and haircut right behind the corner of the same building. The clinic was pretty big with a variety of different procedures. With only breast augmentation it is easier because basically after a day in the clinic you are free to go home.

Luckily I had no complications and flew home. 8 days after operations I was able to get back to work. Food in the clinic was delivered from the nearest restaurant where you have a possibility to pick up desired food from the menu. While I was waiting for food delivery, I was offered tea, sweets. All staff there is very welcoming and lovely, and they gave me medication and instruction for when I was in Denmark again - they were caring about after I leave, not just when I was there! I am more than happy with my new body, finally I can wear whatever I like to wear without thinking that my tummy is too big or dress is too tight. I would definitely recommend B&W Tourism for this experience. 

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