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Orhopaedic Surgery Testimonials 

My husband had knee pain due to arthrosis. The pain lasted for 9 years. We have tried different treatments during this time: different ointments and gels, pills, restorative elements of the joint. Everything gave a temporary effect. During the time the pain became stronger, and treatment above mentioned helped less. Decided to do the prosthesis, and change the knee joint. Although the recovery was lengthy, now the pain does not bother my husband, and the movements restored. 

Carol M., 56 years. London, UK


Carol M. 56 years

London, UK

I was in awful pain in my hip for years, and this limited my mobility. I had total right hip replacement 6 weeks ago. I was urged by the doctor no weight bearing for 2 months, but it is so difficult when you are feeling fixed and want to go walking. Thank you for this feeling of relieve.

Ella S., 45 years. Belfast, Northern Ireland 


Ella S., 45 years

Belfast, Northern Ireland

For 13 years I suffered from a joint disease. In the next 4 years, the condition worsened: the knee area was deformed, I could hardly move. Doctors suggested putting a prosthesis of the knee joint. The outcome is much better than I thought: I can move easily, pain does not bother me.

Jim B., 65 years. Dublin, Ireland


Jim B., 65 years

Dublin, Ireland

I really must thank you and your staff for an amazing experience in replacing my right hip. My recovery has been nothing short of amazing and you and your gifted skills and that of your staff cannot be underestimated or cannot be overstated. Within five weeks I am walking in my home without a cane with almost no discomfort. I cannot thank you and your staff enough. Your work is truly amazing.

Holly, 52 years. Reading, England


Holly, 52 years

Reading, England

My hip replacement surgery was much better than expected!

I choose to have minimally invasive, anterior-cut, total hip replacement surgery performed because I wanted to recover quickly. It was just more intuitive to me that this method would do the least harm to my muscles and nerves and that I would recover quicker. The outcome was great. The hospital experience (my first!) was better than expected. The staff was professional and catered to all of my needs. The physical therapists at the hospital had me up walking immediately and I was climbing stairs the next day.

The post-surgery recovery went well because this type of surgery does not come with any restrictions. I did not have to take precautions with crossing my legs or bending down, etc. The other patients that were going through physical therapy with me did not progress as quickly as I did and they complained about the restrictions that they had since they had a different type of surgery. I concentrated on the exercises that my physical therapist showed me and I did these exercises faithfully many times per day. It paid off. I was back to work in six weeks without a cane and with no pain!

For those considering total hip replacement surgery, I would suggest that they familiarize themselves with the whole process from understanding the disease that caused the problem and how it affects the muscles, the surgical procedure, the hospital stay, and the post-surgical recovery. I would suggest that they choose the right doctor and hospital carefully like I did and ask as many questions as possible to fully understand the process. This will alleviate the surprises. Also, there are books and articles on the process that may help.

Daniel B., 46 years. Birmingham, UK


Daniel B., 46 years

Birmingham, UK

It seems like a miracle. I had osteoarthritic pain for the last 4–5 years in my left hip. I had been to two orthopaedic surgeons who told me I needed a hip replacement. This was prior to the anterior approach and I just kept putting it off waiting for something better and was just less active to keep the pain down.

I am 60 years old, not overweight, and previously fairly active. I got tired of the pain and restricted movements. So finally I decided to do the hip replacement surgery. After the operation, I had some swelling, numbness, and aching in that left leg, but it has gotten better each day. Although no muscles were cut, there still is a lot of trauma to the leg during the procedure that takes time to heal.

Today, I am very pleased with my recovery and my walking ability and the most important I don't have restrictions on activities.

I feel very lucky and impressed with nowadays medical ability and expertise to perform this unique surgery. I am also very pleased with the doctor and with the clinic staff. Thank you all!

Felix, 60 years. Manchester, UK


Felix, 60 years

Manchester, UK

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