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Greta L.,


Procedures: Tummy tuck

Doctor: Donatas Samsanavičius

(Translated from Lithuanian)

I wanted to change my body shape, to be more precise my tummy. After pregnancy I couldn’t lose weight and reduce the size of my stomach. During the consultation with the plastic surgeon, I was told that my abdominal muscles had become distended, and because of that however much sport I did, I would never be able to reach the results that I wanted. The only solution was to get tummy tuck surgery and the only choice was whether to accept it or not.

I hadn’t thought about getting an operation prior to consultation, as I had hoped that exercising would help. After I got more information from the surgeon, the decision became easier.

B&W Tourism organised the consultation, and consequently the operation, with Dr. Samsanavičius. I think he is a wonderful expert and he did a great job with my belly.

I won’t lie, the recovery period after the operation wasn’t easy. However, I was optimistic, especially after I saw the early results after the operation. One month after the post-surgery consultation, when I was seeing myself in a mirror for the first time, I couldn’t believe how good the results were. Already, I was imagining myself in a tight dress and a bikini.

Everything was perfect: the administration in the clinic; the medical personnel; and the doctor. A few months have passed and I am still amazed about my treatment and the medical personnel. Everyone listened carefully when I had questions and I was given exact answers.

I recommend B&W Tourism services 100% to anyone who wants their dreams to come true. Especially for women, I recommend them for regaining the satisfaction of seeing yourself in a mirror and enjoying the skin you’re in.

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