Bariatric Surgeon

Education, Training, and Positions

Since 2013 Professor at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences;

2011-2014 Upper Gastrointestinal tract and Bariatric consultant surgeon at Weston, Colchester, North Staffordshire University hospitals (United Kingdom);

Since 2011 United Kingdom consultant surgeon;

Since 2010 Abdominal surgeon at the Clinic “Grožio chirurgija” UAB;

2010 Upper Gastrointestinal and Bariatric surgeon at The Whittington hospital, London (United Kingdom);

2008-2013 Associate Professor, former Kaunas University of Medicine;

2004 earned his PhD at former Kaunas University of Medicine;

2000-present Abdominal surgeon at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences hospital Kauno klinikos;

2000 Completed residency in Abdominal Surgery at former Kaunas University of Medicine;

1993 – 1998 surgeon at Šilainiai clinic;

1993 Completed residency in General Surgery at former Kaunas University of Medicine;

1990 Graduated from former Kaunas Medical Academy (recently Lithuanian University of Health Sciences).


Training Courses Attended

2008-2010 continuous international scientific research program „European Obesity Academy“;

2009 Madrid St.Carlos University Hospital, Spain;

2007 Gothenburg University Hospital, Sweden;

2003 University of Tuebingen, Germany;

2001 Maastricht University Hospital, Netherlands.


Specialising in Medical Tourism and Cosmetic Surgery Abroad. Our partner Clinics are in Kaunas and Vilnius, Lithuania. Majority of our patients are from the UK and Ireland. 

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